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Spy Series

Follow the adventures of a super spy when you read Johnny B. Fast. My book series includes a number of stories, with more on the way.

Wizard Diary

Solve the mystery of the missing items as you read the diary of a sixth grader in a unique school. My wizard story tells the tale of Tommy Starr.

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Our Story

Read different kinds of children's books when you enjoy Johnny B. Fast. From an author in Thornhill, Ontario, come stories that are perfect for kids who love spies. Every tale is different in this series. Enjoy action scenes filled with humor and banter.

While the gadgets and characters can't exist in real life, in this setting there are real emotions and change. The series tells the story of the rivalry between Johnny and the fighting forces of the United Order, called Department X. My other books for kids incluede a story about a 6th grade wizard.

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